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Content is great, but not worth much if you aren’t encouraging your readers to take a specific action. Content is the vehicle to take your customers from one place to another, but eventually you’ll have to drop them off… what actions do you expect them to take when that time comes?  Your CTA (i.e call to action) should dictate specific direction; it should result in conversions (new customers, newsletter subscribers, brand ambassadors, etc.) We may think our call-to-action is clear but this isn’t always the case. Deliver clarity by providing a specific direction. Here are four ways to create an engaging call-to-action:

  • Making the Experience Personable. Don’t specify action in a tone that suggests you’re talking to anyone who will listen. Word it in such a way that your readers feel like you’re talking to them directly and even inviting them along.
  • Provide the Exact Steps You Want Them to Take. When we’re the writer we automatically understand our own intentions behind the words we use, yet all too often we assume our readers share the same insight. Not so. Clearly define which steps they need to take after reading a specific article. 
  • Differentiate the CTA. Remember, the call-to-action needs to stand out. It shouldn’t blend in with the rest of the content or it’s liable to be overlooked. Your readers should see your call-to-action and know exactly what they need to do next.
  • Keep it Short. CTA’s shouldn’t drag on and on and on or you’ll risk losing the interest of your readers. Long CTA’s can also be overwhelming. Feed your readers (and potential customers) action bites that are easy to digest; they’ll be more inclined to do whatever it is that you’re asking.

When creating a call-to-action, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Strive to end with a statement or question that will interest them and compel them to take action.

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