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Local T-Shirt Company ‘San Antonio Battles Everybody’ Is Taking a Bold Stand Against Bullying

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Inspired by a sense of community, San Antonio Battles Everybody, a client of ours, changed the design of their t-shirts to read “San Antonio Battles Bullying”. The wording of the shirt was influenced by David Molak’s tragic death in January of this year after being bullied by others at Alamo Heights high school. Show your support for the anti-bullying movement by purchasing the ‘Zero Tolerance’ T-Shirt from San Antonio Battles Everybody today. A portion of the sales will be donated to the David Molak Foundation. To read the full article click here.

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A Few Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Successful Ecommerce Brands

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No matter the industry, ecommerce plays a large role that will only continue to grow. After all, where would we be if we couldn’t shop online? Probably at the mall!  Muddling through crowds of people and dreading every minute of it. Sure, from a consumer standpoint ecommerce (i.e electronic commerce) is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it looks a little different from a business owner’s perspective. First and foremost, there are so many online businesses out there vying for your attention and if they can’t get your attention it will end up costing them money. Especially if their…

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Brands That Claim Innovation Must Also Commit to Reassuring Customer Concerns

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In today’s business culture, having a brand that adequately embodies your company is crucial. Simply put, your brand is what sets you apart from the crowd. Back in April and May of 2015, Richard Edelman, CEO and President of Edelman, a global PR firm, conducted a study in an attempt to understand how consumers interact with innovative companies. You might think of “innovation” as having a mostly positive connotation but the results of Edelman’s study were quite surprising. In an effort to help us understand the research, Edelman offered the following infographic: Photo via Innovation isn’t a bad thing…

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