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How to Integrate Content Marketing into the Buyer’s Journey

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Content creation and marketing can be useful for a variety of reasons: it can help with SEO (search engine optimization) and should provide value to your customers. If ill-managed, content can be nothing but a distraction from your company’s purpose, but when used properly content can speak to your potential customers through every stage of their buying process, resulting in a completed sale or even repeat business. When developing your content strategy, make sure you have an adequate understanding of what the buyer’s journey is so you can direct appropriate content to your customers through each stage. The Content Marketing…

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What’s Up with Google Calendar?

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If you’re like us here at Boss Creative you probably rely on Google Calendar to keep your day running smoothly. You’ve probably already attempted to open up your calendar this morning only to be greeted by a “Server Error” written in 18 different languages. Much to our dismay, the Google Calendar server is, in fact, down at the moment. According to Venture Beat, an online tech magazine, the server’s last outage was back in November of 2015. But don’t panic! We’ve been in contact with Google already this morning and it looks like it will be back up and running…

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Three Compelling Stories You Need on Your Website

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How frequently do you make buying decisions based off the data you see on a graph or pie chart? Probably not often. When was the last time you visited a store or restaurant based off the referral of a friend or colleague? Maybe last week. Consumers are encouraged by the stories of other consumers and companies. Stories move us to purchase far more frequently than a bunch of data and facts. Consumers want to know and understand the company they are interacting with. It adds a certain level of closeness you just don’t get with numbers on a graph. Facts tell,…

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How to Up Your Social Media Game in 7 Simple Steps

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Is your online marketing strategy overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be. In fact, managing social media for your business can be fun, it just requires a time commitment. So, how do you boost your social media game without threatening to ditch modern technology and move to Alaska?  Here are a 7 things you can do: Be a Good Listener. Your customers just want to know that you care about their experiences and that you’re not just some robot who wants their money. It’s important that you engage with them and take heed when they share their experiences. And a Good…

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How to Boost the Value of Your Website With PPC

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PPC (pay-per-click) is one of the most valuable forms of online advertising. With its flexible platform you can choose your budget, target audience and ad design. Your consumers are online so you must have a digital advertising strategy that caters to them at all times. Otherwise, your company is liable to get lost in all the noise. PPC is capable of adding tremendous value to your ecommerce business. Here are some of the ways it does this: Traffic & Revenue. Make sure you are utilizing different revenue streams in the event that one starts underperforming. Don’t just rely on SEO. Organic search…

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Twitter’s New Algorithm Shakes Up ‘Real Time’ Sharing

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It’s official: Twitter is 10 years old. And in honor of this triumphant social exploit, Twitter made some changes to its feed. Up until this point, Twitter has been all about posting in real-time. It’s accomplished this by sharing the most recent content first. For social marketers, the challenge has been posting the right content at the right time. Now, Twitter will function in a way that is comparable to Facebook. This means that it will show relevant and popular content first, regardless of when it’s posted. The goal is to make Twitter’s feed more interesting and significant. However, marketers…

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How to Create a Beautifully Engaging Call to Action

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Content is great, but not worth much if you aren’t encouraging your readers to take a specific action. Content is the vehicle to take your customers from one place to another, but eventually you’ll have to drop them off… what actions do you expect them to take when that time comes?  Your CTA (i.e call to action) should dictate specific direction; it should result in conversions (new customers, newsletter subscribers, brand ambassadors, etc.) We may think our call-to-action is clear but this isn’t always the case. Deliver clarity by providing a specific direction. Here are four ways to create an engaging call-to-action:…

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Solving the “No Website” Problem

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While 2016 is already introducing even more technological advancements, some small business owners are still stuck in the past. They do not have a viable website or landing page in the online sphere. This can prove to be quite problematic considering the world is going digital and consumers are choosing to shop online instead of their brick-and-mortar components. So, what are some of the reasons business owners are choosing the “opt-out” option when it comes to their website? And how can we change this dynamic? Check out the following graph from Clutch, a B2B research firm based out of Washington…

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Swarovski Wins with Social Media Fueled Word-of-Mouth Marketing

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Traditional Word of Mouth marketing has long been heralded as the most effective form of marketing. After all, what better way to drive new business to your product/service than your loyal and satisfied customers spreading the good word? However, with the adaptation to new digital strategies, the otherwise consistent form of Word-of-Mouth marketing is taking a new approach. It’s becoming digital. Swarovski Jewelry knows first hand that the most effective way to drive business is to have loyal customers advocating on your behalf. Swarovski was able to expand their reach to an even larger group of consumers by taking their…

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The Top 6 Best Web Design Trends of 2016

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Your company’s website is often the consumer’s first impression of your brand so it’s important that it reflects your brand and your company in the best way possible. Today’s top design trends are making user experience better than ever. Here are the 6 best web design trends of 2016. Artificial Intelligence. Not sure what artificial intelligence is? I’ll give you a hint: Siri. With the oncoming digital movement, companies are reverting to human-like, robotic interactions to sustain lots of customer activity with the intention of improving user experience. Diversity. Have you ever watched a large tech company reveal some new, amazing…

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