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(SAN ANTONIO) ― Converting a lackluster brand into an iconic global image is a feat Boss Creative performed for Genesis Networks, an international IT company with a small-town online presence. The private company, which provides systems integration, managed services, global logistics and cloud solutions network integration, information technology and supply chain solutions to the communications and large enterprise industries worldwide, allowed Boss Creative to take the reins on developing a new brand and website in order to elevate the company’s public profile.



Having been referred to Boss Creative by industry professionals, the Genesis Networks marketing team approached Boss Creative to update their company website. Not only was the design and content outdated, but the functionality also failed to provide a fluid user experience. Both teams further examined the existing online presence by analyzing design elements, messaging and navigation in conjunction with the IT company’s mission and message. They determined a new brand and a new website design were essential to demonstrating the company as a global enterprise-level IT solutions partner. “Through brand consultation, content strategy and information architecture, our goal was to create a simple way for the audience to recognize [Genesis Networks’] expertise,” said Peter Beshay, CEO and president of Boss Creative. “The brand needed to showcase the billion-dollar company in a powerful way.” 


The key to this enormous project was identifying Genesis Networks’ vision. Other website companies they considered were obliged to create whatever Genesis Networks wanted; however, Boss Creative had a different approach. “Boss Creative wanted to learn about our business,” said Sarah Szuminski, Genesis Networks vice president of marketing and communication. “They had ideas coming in. They were advisory and collaborative, which was great. We had ideas but we needed guidance.”


Both teams delved into evaluating how the company’s online presence and brand message supported the corporate mission. “The creative process was overwhelming, but good,” Szuminski said. “We stepped back to identify who we are and what we do. Our services are so broad, and Boss Creative made it as painless as possible.” Beshay said Genesis Networks lacked a distinct brand message, and having the client self-identify their values, products and services enabled the creative team to produce a genuine and impactful brand message. “We eliminated the clutter and established a powerful and effective brand message to describe who they are and what they do,” Beshay said. “Typically, a brand message is seven words. Genesis Networks’ new brand message is three: Integrated Business Technologies.”


Showcasing the global brand and all of the products and services on the new website was a challenge. Creative design, sharp images and well-organized content proved to be the perfect solution to a mass of information. “Having a fluid responsiveness site was important,” Beshay said. “The client really enjoyed how our team put hexagon doorways that held the brand.” The client’s favorite website features are the responsive design, the simple navigation and the authentic images that portray Genesis Networks’ working environment. 




Together, both teams accomplished the important goal of projecting a positive, global brand online. Brian T. Fox, Genesis CEO is very pleased with the results, and others outside the organization have recognized the difference. “Our brand and our image are so important, and it’s something I’m very particular about – everything from our appearance in a meeting to the message we convey on our website,” Fox said. “The new site validates our message and does a fantastic job of sharing the vision we have for the company.”


Szuminski added that the feedback she’s received has been incredible. Knowing that websites are the most visible element of a company’s brand, she extremely pleased how the new website represents Genesis Networks.


Although the project is complete, Boss Creative continues to work with Genesis Networks by providing online maintenance and security updates to ensure the content is 100 percent protected. Genesis Networks values Boss Creative as a resource and has peace of mind knowing the creative firm is managing their most valuable marketing asset. 

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