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(SAN ANTONIO) ― Transferring an established corporate name into an international brand was a tall order which Boss Creative successfully fulfilled for Texas-based trailer manufacturer, MAXXD (pronounced maxed). Using raw materials and a lot of ingenuity, the creative team elevated the client’s corporate image to reflect its high-caliber products while also producing a highly functional world class website to automate internal processes.

MAXXD, the latest subsidiary of Maxey Trailers Mfg. Inc., originally approached Boss Creative to create a website for the new brand. The parent company had an existing website which only provided basic product information. Prospective buyers had to call or research a dealer in their area to obtain add-on and pricing information. The site displayed all of the models available but it failed to showcase the trailers’ high-quality materials and unique craftsmanship. As such, the Boss Creative marketing team delved into the ordering and manufacturing processes in order to create a new website that would serve as a procurement system for potential clients, dealers and existing clients. “We discovered Maxey had a large manual manufacturing process, ranging from collecting new quotes from customers to acquiring new dealers in North America,” said Peter Beshay, CEO and president of Boss Creative. The marketing team analyzed every piece of their client’s operation and proposed web modules and web tools that would automate processes and create a new functionality for the website. “The most important elements of this project were integrating efficiencies by using web technologies and through marketing strategies. These features completely changed the overall online presentation of the corporation and how they connected with current, potential and future customers and dealers,” Beshay said.


One new and highly beneficial feature, the trailer builder, is a quote system on the website that allows prospective buyers to select a trailer model and optional features. “The trailer builder is a feature that is unique to the industry,” said Kendall Kornelsen, manager of sales, marketing and product design for MAXXD. It is rare for trailer manufacturers to have an online menu function, and having this element gives the company a competitive advantage, especially when the data is forwarded to a local dealer to follow up with the prospective buyer. In the future, the company plans to add more features, such as a dealer portal and Trailer Central to showcase and sell trailers in inventory.


In addition to being impressed with the website’s new functionality, Kornelsen is also extremely pleased with the rebranding and the ways the site now showcases the company’s high-quality products. “The pictures on the home page really catch people’s attention,” Kornelsen said. “Those who have seen it say it’s a great-looking website. Everybody here pretty much loves it.”


Boss Creative took the 15-year-old Maxey Trailer brand and created an entirely new look for MAXXD while maintaining the client’s existing design elements. It was important that the creative team maintain the integrity of the original brand colors and hard steel exterior to create an impressive and distinct logo for MAXXD. Kornelsen said the new brand is a great improvement and it has allowed the company to be more unified internally and externally.


The success of this enormous project was due to the collaboration between the client and creative team members. There were ongoing discussions and weekly meetings as well as agendas to discover and explore opportunities and challenges. “The client gave us the green light on all levels to provide our expertise and to implement all of our recommendations,” Beshay said. “Our team is beyond thrilled about what these accomplishments represent, and we’re excited about the future.”


MAXXD is a subsidiary of Maxey Trailers Mfg. Inc., a Texas company in business since 1999. The company began as a one-man shop and has grown to an operation of 70 employees who produce 5,000 trailers annually for clients across the U.S. and Canada. The company also has a network of more than 70 dealers in North America.

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