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Traditional Word of Mouth marketing has long been heralded as the most effective form of marketing. After all, what better way to drive new business to your product/service than your loyal and satisfied customers spreading the good word? However, with the adaptation to new digital strategies, the otherwise consistent form of Word-of-Mouth marketing is taking a new approach. It’s becoming digital.

Swarovski Jewelry knows first hand that the most effective way to drive business is to have loyal customers advocating on your behalf. Swarovski was able to expand their reach to an even larger group of consumers by taking their word-of-mouth strategies to the internet’s viable social platforms. Their most effective approach thus far has been to use registration forms through social media to encourage participation and get more consumers to their live events.  From October of 2014 to January 2015, Swarovski saw an increase in the use of the registration forms by 500%. Consequently, they were able to drive 1.4 million in sales in only 3 hours at one of their Crystal Society live events.

While word-of-mouth marketing will always triumph as one of the best ways to market your products or services, Swarovski Jewelry showed us the lasting impact of combining word-of-mouth with an online social presence to create a strategy that really does sparkle.

To read more about how Swarovski mixes word of mouth marketing with their social media strategy, click on over to Swarovski’s Word-of-Mouth Strategy Sparkles via Direct Marketing News.

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