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How frequently do you make buying decisions based off the data you see on a graph or pie chart? Probably not often. When was the last time you visited a store or restaurant based off the referral of a friend or colleague? Maybe last week. Consumers are encouraged by the stories of other consumers and companies. Stories move us to purchase far more frequently than a bunch of data and facts. Consumers want to know and understand the company they are interacting with. It adds a certain level of closeness you just don’t get with numbers on a graph. Facts tell, stories sell.

Here are three stories you’ll want on your website to increase the trustworthiness of your company:

1.Your Customer’s Story. This is very powerful. Word-of-mouth encourages sales because consumer to consumer referrals go so much further than sales pitches from the company itself. Testimonials and customer reviews are a must have on your company’s website.

2. Your Company’s Story. Fortune 500 companies don’t just appear out of thin air, they all begin somewhere. Take a trip down memory lane, when your business was just starting out, and invite your customers in to experience it too.

3. Your Personal Heart Story. Share your heart with your readers. They want to know and understand you as a person. This helps them connect with you on a deeper level and will also, subsequently, encourage sales.

Remember that business isn’t all about numbers. It’s also about relationships, and relationships are often strengthened through the telling of stories.

To learn more about including compelling stories on your website, check out 3 Essential Stories You Need on Your Website to Attract Customers via Entrepreneur Magazine.

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