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Your company’s website is often the consumer’s first impression of your brand so it’s important that it reflects your brand and your company in the best way possible. Today’s top design trends are making user experience better than ever. Here are the 6 best web design trends of 2016.

Artificial Intelligence. Not sure what artificial intelligence is? I’ll give you a hint: Siri. With the oncoming digital movement, companies are reverting to human-like, robotic interactions to sustain lots of customer activity with the intention of improving user experience.

Diversity. Have you ever watched a large tech company reveal some new, amazing product and just been fascinated? Only to watch another big tech company reveal almost the same product a few months later? Talk about Deja Vu. Strive for diversity, not imitation. Choosing to be innovative will help with your competitive advantage by setting you apart from the crowd. Be different with your web design and your web presence will create a memorable impact.

Rich Illustrations. More and more companies are taking the road less traveled and using “hand drawn” art on their websites as opposed to stock photography. ‘Hand drawn’ graphics offer a degree of originality that can potentially set your business apart. Check out Daydream Designs’ website for an example of what this looks like. 

Mobile/Wearable Technology. The world is going mobile. Not only can we do anything on our phones, but we are also advancing into the field of being able to do anything from a device on our wrists. Welcome to the future. Now, the challenge web designers must tackle is developing strategies to effectively optimize websites for smartwatch use.

Microinteractions. With new technology comes a greater responsibility to improve the user experiences of our online platforms. The transitions and features we take advantage of everyday on our computers are what improve UX. Think of the Facebook “like” feature. It’s subtle and seamless, an action we don’t think much about, we just do it. That is a microinteraction. Don’t complicate your web design, make it easy for your consumers to engage with.

Richer Animations. You want the design of your web presence to capture attention, and stand out from the crowd. Rich animations offer this. It’s important that your website is interactive, yet simple. Zack Rutherford of says: “Your site should unfold like a well told narrative…” is an excellent representation of this. Their website moves and transforms as you scroll down, but it’s not overwhelming. Just simple.

If you want your business to dominate in the web design field, be sure to keep up on the latest trends and implement them to the best of your ability. Need help designing a killer website? Contact us here.

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